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Who is Femke?

Femke is an award-winning behavioral scientist, inspirational speaker and a selfgentleness & meditation teacher with 20K students and 600K following meditators worldwide. With a background in the performing arts, she knows how to blend expertise, knowledge and experience into a warm and loving teaching style.

Through her work, Femke wants to bring awareness about the power of selfgentleness. She defines self-gentleness as ‘Radically accepting yourself as the most important person to consistently deserve your own gentleness’. 

Her research shows that individuals can’t be collapsed into one big black box, as if individual uniqueness wouldn’t matter, and thereby offer the insight that individuals matter. Subsequently, this means that the choices every person makes in life, can matter significantly for the world at large. 

Femke sees selfgentleness as the #1 tool to improve the life of individuals, but also as a great start to change interactions with others, whether that is just your family, at work or in society. 


Femke’s mission is to spread selfgentleness around the world, empowering people to embrace themselves and the beautiful diversity among individual beings. Ultimately, a life lived self-gentle will contribute to a better world and a deep understanding that we are all together in this. 

Selfgentleness = “Radically accepting yourself as the most important person to deserve your own gentleness

Femke E. Bakker, Ph.D.

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The Power of Selfgentleness – TEDx Talk 2023

Dr. Femke Bakker shares her life experiences drawing from her various careers and personal life to demonstrate the power of self-gentleness as an antidote to perfectionism. She explains the power of meditation and self-gentleness as a way to radically accept oneself to consistently deserve one’s own gentleness. TEDxLU 22 April 2023



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As a researcher, Femke studies the impact of meditation on social and political behavior, leadership, belief systems and stress release for crisis decision makers.

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